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Full circle security


As you can see, this is no ordinary safe as it incorporates a clock, mini-bar, cigar humidor and superior sound system. More than two metres high and made from the finest materials, the GrandCircle from Döttling fulfils even the most challenging demands of a highly select clientele. Limited to a single series of just 20 hand-numbered and signed pieces, the German safe maker’s new masterpiece has streamlined and timeless design on the outside but interior workings that are even more opulent.

A total of 52 individually controllable watch winders enclose the GrandCircle’s heart: a limited, handmade Naeschke pendulum clock. Its base contains the world’s smallest hi-fi subwoofer with four amplifiers, eight further watch winders, jewellery drawers, an air-humidified humidor made of Spanish cedar wood and an exclusively implemented mini-bar. But let’s not forget about the actual safe itself, as the GrandCircle contains a VDS Class 2 highsecurity safe complete with certified fire protection.

€195,000 –

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